"As my artist statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance" - Calvin (& Hobbes)


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Here's an interview I did at She Art Gallery a little while ago. For all you non-dutch speaking people, I am basically talking about how I  reworked this older painting because I was never really satisfied with the design of it. I also wanted to do something with the face and then the mask came. The fact that it is transparent and dripping made me hopeful for the future of not having to wear them anymore. The interviewer Chris Dekkers  remarked (off screen) that he got the feeling of defiance in her face, like she was fighting this whole corona thing. I could also see that. (Another lovely thing about art is how everybody sees or feels something different about art.) He also asked about my abstracts, and I said that I have many loves in art and that I love a face that gives me the feels, but I also love the freedom of abstract work, just letting go and throwing some paint around. 

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